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You deserve the support, expertise, and knowledge a midwife can provide. Earthside Midwifery’s services are tailored to your unique needs, personal beliefs, and philosophies. We understand that no two families or mothers are alike. Therefore we strive to gift you with the individualized time and attention you deserve to ensure your pregnancy and birth are a loving and personal experience.

Standard of Care

Nutritional counseling, herbal remedies, informed consent, skin-to-skin newborn care, and delayed cord clamping are all standards in my practices. My goal is to honor the intimate primitive nature of birth and the ancient art of midwifery while bridging together evidence-based care. As a modern midwife, I am highly skilled in ensuring the safest passage for mom and baby.

Comprehensive Midwifery Care

We believe a woman's pregnancy care should be all-encompassing. You deserve access to valuable education, counseling, and strong support systems. Our midwives provide continuous hands-on assistance throughout your entire pregnancy journey -- from prenatal to postpartum. During our time together, we hone in on monitoring your physical, psychological, and overall wellbeing. This women-centric model of care is proven to reduce the occurrence of a birth injury, trauma, or cesarean section.

Midwives Model of Care

When it's finally time for your baby to arrive, we provide in-home medical care that's tailored to your needs and wishes.
As midwives, we believe in minimizing unnecessary technological interventions. Our postpartum care begins the moment your baby is born up until six weeks.
This journey is about you and your baby. We intend to preserve the natural essence of birth.

Prenatal Care & Edudation

All prenatal and newborn exams are only administered with consent. Prenatal care is a valuable step to ensure you and your baby are in good health prior to birth.

Prenatal care includes:

  • Standard lab testing
  • Ultrasound referrals
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Herbal and supplement regimens
  • Every visit we monitor vitals, fetal heart tones, fetal position and fundal growth
  • Referrals for complementary modalities with our prenatal care.

You and your baby are at the heart of our practice. We continue to offer support, education, and valuable resources to ensure you’re well prepared. At 36 weeks, we administer a home visit to watch your birthing plan come to life.

It’s paramount that you’re well equipped with the proper knowledge to make informed decisions. Midwives believe education should be at the forefront of every practice. We will discuss valuable information regarding pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Together we’ll create a birth plan, review all procedures, discuss informed consent, and equip you with the resources you need to make an insightful decision for your body.

We discuss the following pieces of information during prenatal care.

  • Labor positions

  • Comfort measures

  • Breastfeeding

  • Nutrition plans

  • Herbal remedies

  • Logistical and emotional preparation for birth

Labor and Delivery

When it’s time for your baby to arrive, your birthing plan will be put into action. As midwives, we’re always on call for the birth of your baby and are equipped to assist at all hours of the day. Once we’ve arrived in the home, we’ll monitor vitals, fetal heart tones, and assess all outcomes.

The beauty of home birth is that you call the shots. You can give birth in any area of your liking, whether that’s in the bed, or in a birthing tub. During the prenatal period, we create a birthing plan that’s customized and completely unique to you and your desires.

*birthing tubs are provided at no additional cost*

Labor care is offered in your home whether you live in Grants Pass, Central Point, Medford, Ashland or Eagle Point, Oregon.
We serve the entire Rogue Valley

Immediate Postpartum
+ Delayed Cord Clamping

Delayed cord clamping is a practice that’s beneficial to the baby. In a hospital setting, the cord would be cut immediately, but with midwives, we delay the clamping until after the placenta is born.

Our immediate postpartum period includes the following.

  • Skin to skin contact with baby
  • Herbal bath for the mother and baby
  • Complete newborn assessment
  • Vitamin K for baby if desired
  • Postpartum vitals monitored closely for mom and baby (BP, HR, Resp, Temp)
  • Breastfeeding support

Postpartum Care

Our postpartum care consists of six weeks of support and observation. We want to ensure the mother and child are mentally and physically healthy.

  • Initial home visit within 24-28 hours of birth
  • Home visit 4-5 days postpartum
  • Home visit 14 days postpartum
  • Home visit at six weeks postpartum


We monitor the following during our postpartum visits.

  • Vitals monitored closely for mom and baby (BP, HR, Resp, Temp)
  • Monitor newborn weight gain/loss closely.
  • Lactation support.
  • Emotional support for mom as she transitions to motherhood or motherhood again.


We specialize in normal, natural birth that’s within the scope of practice dictated by the Oregon Medical Board. We’re trained to recognize any deviation from normal and make referrals to obstetrical care when indicated. As midwives, we believe in limiting interventions and allowing the normal process of labor and birth to unfold naturally.

Furthermore, it is our goal to uphold the Midwives Model of Care, which is based on the fact that pregnancy and birth are normal life processes. The application of this woman-centered model of care has been proven to reduce the incidence of birth injury, trauma, and cesarean section.

We offer Sneak Peek Testing!

SneakPeek is the most accurate early gender DNA test on the market. This test has the potential to discover the sex of your baby with 99.1% accuracy in as early as 8 weeks.


A $500 deposit is due to start care. The total balance due in full by 35 weeks gestation. Payment plans offered.

Insurance options available! Clients work directly with my biller to file a claim and receive a reimbursement!


*Serving the Medford area to Grants Pass and everything in-between!

I encourage all couples to do some research into the benefits of midwifery care. You have the power to make all of your own decisions concerning your pregnancy and birth, to choose what works best for your family, and make the choices that best match your family’s personal beliefs.  I encourage you to take the autonomy into your own hands, never depend on others opinion, but to be rooted in your own understanding.

For more information on home birth and to answer some initial question we recommend you do some research of your own. Check out the following sites for evidence-based information to help you get started

• Home Birth Stats, Facts & Questions
• Midwives Model of Care
• What is a midwife?
• Facts and Questions by Citizens for Midwifery
• Resources by Citizens for Midwifery

Take control of your pregnancy

Receive valuable education, tender care, and the personalized pregnancy plan you deserve with Earthside. Contact us today to learn more.

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